We began as a small installation company in 2005, but our experience spans over 30 years. The founder, Mike, started out in 1993 installing office cubicles. Once that quickly became a success, he moved on to used furniture installation. Today, Mike runs the largest used office furniture dealer in the Tampa Bay Area!

To excel in this business, you have to have a strong understanding of equipment, assembly, and what consumers want. If you don’t understand your customers, you’re doomed to fail. We at Precizion know our customers want quality and convenience without breaking the bank. They want office furniture that not only looks good to their customers, but provides comfort and ease to their employees.

No one wants to walk into a messy, disorganized office with furniture that is not cohesive or structurally sound. The right office furniture will make your clients and business partners feel welcomed while also boosting the morale and productivity of your employees. When your office furniture is attractive, bright, and comfortable, it cultivates a stimulated work environment that motivates everyone who walks in.

Selling new and used office furniture complete with installation services is something no other competitor does but us. We are committed to ensuring you have comfortable, safe furniture for your place of business.

Precizion didn’t get to where we are today alone. Our success is thanks to our strong work ethic and team of 28 highly experienced employees with over 100 years of combined experience. Our team has gone through even more rigorous training with us to ensure that our customers receive a high level of professionalism as well as stellar customer service.

Trust that any furniture you buy from us, new or used, is in impeccable condition. We clean, paint, and fully refurbish our used furniture so that it is practically new. Now, who doesn’t want new furniture at used prices?

Our growth has been phenomenal in just the last 10 years. From simple cubicle installations to becoming the largest used office furniture dealers in Tampa, we are dedicated to providing offices in the Tampa Bay Area, Florida, and beyond with the best furniture at affordable prices. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your clients and employees with Precizion Furniture and Installation.