•  Desks are a key element to your productivity. With an array of unique desks and new concepts how can you choose? In order to find the right desk for your needs, lets begin to explore the different types of desks. 
Sit and Stand Desks: These are desks that provide you with the flexibility to sit or stand during your work, which is the main difference between them and standing desks. Standing desks are not optimal unless you are someone who likes to work standing up for long periods of time. The middle ground between standing desks and normal desks is sit and stand desks. Many sit and stand desks actually electrically move upward or downward as well. Many sit and stand desks are more compact than other regular desks making them great for smaller offices or home offices. Standing definitely improves circulation and relieves pain so incorporating that into your long work day is essential. Some very popular styles of sit and stand desks are the Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Sit and Stand Desk or the Allsteel Sit and Stand Desk with a Grey tweed backing, which we have in stock. 


Floating Desks: These are desks that are mounted to a wall or a surface allowing them to basically float. The concept is very innovative and unique considering office furniture can tend to become repetitive. There are many advantages to a floating desk like portability, space saving and the option to move the desk up or down depending on your preference. This is an even more modernized alternative to a sit and stand desk. Some down sides to these are lack of surface space and minimal elbow space. Some of the most popular floating desks are the Barry open storage floating desk and the Hayward Floating Desk. 

Credenza Desks: These are desks that come in all different shapes and sizes (L-Shaped, U-Shaped, Single Standing) that also feature a credenza or a hutch. These additions provide added room for storage and work wonderfully for people trying to declutter or maintain a tidy work space. Opt for a credenza that matches your desk to give a cohesive look or mix and match for an abstract look. Some of the most popular credenza desks are the HON U-Shaped desk and the Haworth U-Shaped desk which we have both of in stock. 







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